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Announcements Regarding COVID-19

Hello all,

Recent weeks have been a strange and difficult time for all of us, and in light of the current pandemic we will be postponing our Foundation events for the time being. This especially effects our upcoming Drew Poet Foundation Michigan Golf Outing in Farmington Hills coming up in June, and we will have new scheduling information for all those who have already signed up or might be interested very soon.

In the meantime, please do your part in preventing the spread of this disease. Public health officials have issued plenty of guidelines on how to accomplish this, and we implore you to follow them. Please read and follow the CDC's recommendations.

You may think that this disease won't effect you, and that quarantine measures are unnecessary, but for people going through a battle like Drew's they could very well be life saving. Before ignoring social distancing measures please think of Drew, and all of the people currently battling diseases like Ewing's. They are relying on us to stay home if at all possible and to flatten the curve. We can save too many lives to do otherwise.


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