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Announcing the Drew Poet Foundation

The Poet Family

We are excited to announce the official opening of the Drew Poet Foundation (Drew Poet Foundation, Inc, a North Carolina 501(c)(3)). To everyone who has already donated through our temporary GoFundMe page, thank you. Those funds have moved to our non-profit, and all subsequent donations can be made via our site. Over the last few months, we have been hard at work preparing this Foundation to honor Drew's final wishes. Throughout his treatment, Drew expressed his disappointment in the lack of recent advances in Ewing's sarcoma research and treatment options.

Drew wanted to make an impact. We hope to honor him by making an impact in the lives of pediatric cancer patients; especially those battling Ewing sarcoma. Our foundation aims to improve the quality of life and availability of treatment options for everyone fighting this disease, and ultimately to find an effective treatment and cure for Ewing's sarcoma. Please join us in our efforts as we move forward planning a variety of events that share Drew’s story in the hopes of helping current and future patients.


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