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Year Five | A Push for Research

April 20, 2024

“The only way out is through.”

— Robert Frost

For us, the way through hasn’t always been clear. After five years we believe Drew would be proud of how his Foundation has grown, and of how we have too. It’s clear to us now that we’ve found the way through.

For the Foundation, the way through has meant staying the course, guided by the pillars of our mission: Awareness, Research, Cure.

Raising Awareness has and always will be an incredibly important pillar in our Foundation’s mission, but we understand that raising Awareness can only take us so far. As we’ve matured as a Foundation, we have been seeking opportunities to strengthen our efforts in our second pillar: Research. We’ve been incredibly active in our pursuits for concrete ways to push the boundaries of Research into this terrible disease. On what would have been Drew’s 22nd birthday, January 5, 2024, the Foundation announced $34,000 to be donated to the Ewing’s Sarcoma Research Fund at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina. Drew was shown great care by the dedicated team at Levine. We have been in constant contact with them to discuss ways for the Foundation to contribute to their efforts by funding Research into advanced treatments.

Out of our conversations came a publication, attached below, developed by the team at Levine Children’s Hospital. The publication outlines where we’ve been, where we’re at, and where we’re going in our continued fight against Ewing’s. It highlights the industry-leading technology being utilized to push the boundaries of Research with the goal of finding a Cure, laying out clear and detailed steps that are being taken to improve treatment and patient outcomes. The Drew Poet Foundation is proud and excited to be contributing to the important and innovative work being done every day by their amazing team. In the year’s ahead, we will be making a recurring donation each January to the Ewing’s Sarcoma Research Fund at Levine Children’s Hospital.

The selfless support for the Drew Poet Foundation and our mission is what allows us to make this very real and lasting impact, so we would like to extend a profound Thank You. The way forward is as clear as it’s ever been, for us and for our Foundation.


Drew’s brother

Levine Children's Hospital Ewing's Sarcoma Publication
Download PDF • 330KB


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